Friday, March 12, 2010

DCNY sells building to Muslims

Demonstrating their all-inclusive love, the DCNY has sold the church building of the former Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd to a Muslim group. You remember the pecusa claims of inclusive love - the kind that puts into contracts that buildings vacated by departing congregations can never be sold back to Anglican congregations. But they have no problem selling buildings to Muslims. As Archbishop Akinola said, these people are demonic. Happily, the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd is in better buildings further down on Conklin Ave where they continue to proclaim in word and deed the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ.


Perpetua said...

Do you have any more particulars about the "Muslim group"? For example, their legal or common name?

Tony Seel said...

Fr. Matt Kennedy, rector of the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd in Binghamton reported the following on Facebook on March 12:

Just learned that the Diocese of CNY sold our former building to Muslims. Heard rumors before but today I passed by and saw that the doors were painted green. There was a crane there removing the cross from the bell-tower and hanging over the back door to the parking lot was the following sign "Islamic Awareness Center"