Friday, January 11, 2013

Christians Slaughtered in Northern Nigeria by Militant Islamists 

Christians Slaughtered in Northern Nigeria by Militant Islamists

Statement by Father Juan Carlos Martos cmf
Secretariat of PV Clarettiani Missionaries
January 9, 2013

This is a brutal example of how far the struggle between muslims and catholics in Nigeria has reached. Muslims are determined to impose their 'religion' all over Africa as well as in other continents and countries of the world. Islam has but one goal: rule the world at any cost."

"And where are the International Human Rights Organizations? Christians are burnt alive in Nigeria: a horrific Holocaust right in front of International indifference. As denounced by Father Juan Carlos Martos, on behalf of the Missionari Clarettiani, via del Sacro Cuore di Maria, Rome, Italy."

"By publishing this graphic document on Facebook, I have intended to make the world aware of certain terrible events totally ignored or minimized by the mainstream media; an authentic genocide so cruel and inhuman only comparable with the most hateful and vile acts in the Nazi extermination camps."

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Jaques said...

Just because the christian churches have committed abominations over the centuries...and more lately the mass murderers of America, Israel using any fraud, any excuse to rampage in killing sprees, is no excuse for the ghastly abominations of yet another fraudulent, plagarised religion, the Muhamedin cultists and screwballs. That they all use 'god' as an excuse and justification and that people say "oh...ok that's fine...the only good arab /muslim is a dead one is an indicator of how far into the sewer modern generations have slipped. The people who improved the world post WW11 are now insulted as "baby boomers" and flogged with guilt over their 'costs' when people will happily pay $150 upwards to go and sit in a stinking morass of other jerks waving and getting off on caucophonous low talent /no talent "idols". They are largely 'gay supportive'/refugee fact deniers/multiculturism mantra chanters who have the world sinking into the globalisation excrement under the control of the central bankers and their own mindless hedonism and lack of reality. What do they actually DO about travesties such as we see here...or the abominations culling Palestinians by the great Israeli zionist fraud they are indoctrinated to think of as somehow related to"the holocaust" instead of knowing the facts about those monsters and their assassination mill/false flagger known as Mossad...or about millions of Iraquis and Afghanis and others murdered by USA...with Australian government support.It's an horiffic scene and how they must have suffered..but other than giving it a bit of 'shock-horror'as pumped up by the media to sell advertising space what do you actually DO??...I suggest in general you sit on your SFA and ask for more of your American crap entertainment and psychosis...Am I right?

Tony Seel said...

No,I don't think that you're right. I think that your rant is incoherent.

Anonymous said...

stop living in the past,time now 2013. people love control of others when we have mob mentally. the uneducated are easly brainwashed when they see others winning by commiting murder.the face of these attacks now show a religious reason,you are not part of the curan which the bible teaches,thank you JESUS !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Horrified and angry as anyone would be, I looked this up on Google then and it turns out not to be true.
The following is copied from the site.
It’s such a pity that fanatics of all religions ( In this case probably Christians against Muslims) have to resort to spreading hate with emails such as this.
But worst still, is we usually all believe what we’re told.
Up to you if want to forward this on.

The photograph is genuine, but it does not show the aftermath of a terrorist attack, but rather the bodies of people burned in a fuel tanker explosion in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While Nigeria has a long and bloody history of religiously motivated violence, this explosion was a tragic accident and was not the work of Muslim terrorists. Nor was it in any way targeted at Christians. The claims in the protest message have no basis in fact.

Anthony Kirkpatrick (TAS, AUS) said...

I have to agree with Anonymous on this one.....I too do NOT believe all that I read or see on the internet and wherever possible, research deeper. Therefore I invite all readers to open the following link.

Please note the date of the posting

Questions ???? Is there TRUTH in both stories. Are there LIES in both stories. Is the latter an attempt to explain what the former was actually about. Hmmmmm

Please EXPLAIN !!!!!

Tony Seel said...

Our church is under the Church of Nigeria (Anglican) and I can tell you from numerous reports that militant Islamicists are killing Christians and destroying churches and villages.

Anonymous said...

This picture came from a fuel tanker accident.

Tony Seel said...

So, Christians aren't being slaughtered in Northern Nigeria? That's really what this story is about, not an exploding tanker.

Anonymous said...

I believe, Mr Seel, that you are wrong. While the "story" is about the slaughter of Christians by Muslims, that does not change the FACT that the story is a complete fraud. If you wish to get people worked up and instill hatred in hearts, maybe you should use the truth. That usually works much better although it's not nearly as sensational as your reprinted fairytale.

Tony Seel said...

Anon., I have posted a number of stories about the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria. While I cannot vouch for this story, there is nothing in this story that is out of character with the other stories on the slaughter of Christians by militant Islamicists.

Piet said...

Tony, as a fellow Christian I am very saddened by your reaction when you were pointed out that the mail is a hoax.

Since when has it become acceptable to use lies to spread the gospel of Truth?

By lying about this attck, you are demeaning the suffering of Christian dying and tortured in real attacks.

I pray that you will recant this post.

Tony Seel said...

Piet, this is a while ago and there was no news that indicated that this was a hoax.

Anonymous said...

It's still a pic of some dead folks in DRC who died in a fuel explosion. Not an act of terrorism.

Tony Seel said...

Christians are being slaughtered in Nigeria, that is a fact, and even if the picture is discredited the reporting is based in fact. Another fact in evidence is that someone who won't identify themselves wants to focus on a picture rather than the atrocities being perpetrated by Islamist terrorists.