Monday, May 20, 2013

Why we must Care - Bishop John Guernsey

Why we must Care

A letter from Bishop John Guernsey
May 19, 2013

Dear Friends,

The murder trial of the Philadelphia abortionist, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, has been of great interest and deep concern to me. I wish I could say it had captured the attention of the nation, but, as you may know, it was largely ignored by the media. (The executive editor of the Washington Post said he hadn't been aware of the story.) The trial was sickening, not because of the filth in the clinic, not because of the body parts of fetuses in jars, not because of the reprehensibly irresponsible medical care which caused the death of 41-year old Karnamaya Mongar of Woodbridge, VA. The trial wasn't sickening because it showed something exceptional, but because it showed what abortion is and does.

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Mr. Mcgranor said...

The purpose of life; is life itself.

Tony Seel said...

According to the Bible, the purpose of life is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.