Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Church of England discusses overhaul of 'rude and unchristian' Synod
Church of England's parliament debates overhaul of how it operates amid claims it has become dominated by parties and factions and "rude" and unchristian arguments

By John Bingham
Religious Affairs Editor
November 16, 2013

The Church of England is considering overhauling its governing body, the General Synod, because of fears it has created an image of a church constantly at war with itself.

Members of the Synod, which meets next week, say that it has become too much like Parliament, dominated by unofficial "parties" while debates are conducted in a "rude" and even unchristian way.

It follows claims in the wake of the collapse of women bishops legislation last year that the body had been hijacked by single issue factions able to exert influence out of proportion to their numbers in the pews.

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