Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I have two reactions to stories like this.  The first one is that if I had a nickel for every college journal screw-up, I’d be blogging full-time for the rest of my life:

An apology was posted Saturday by a Christian journal that had published and republished an anonymous essay on its blog saying that Jews killed Jesus and deserve God’s punishment.
“Firstly, we apologize for inadequate editorial oversight in the publishing and re-publishing of this blog post,” wrote Aaron Gyde, editor-in-chief of the Harvard Ichthus, which is run by Harvard College undergraduates.

The publication’s apology took the place of the essay “Why Us?” which was written by an anonymous Jewish convert to Christianity and posted on the Ichthus website Wednesday. The author, who remained anonymous due to concern of personal attacks, wrote, “We, the Jews, collectively rejected God and hung Him up on a cross to die, and thus we deserved the punishments that were heaped on our heads over the last 2000 years.”

Gyde wrote the apology on behalf of the Ichthus editorial board, adding in thoughts from the author of the controversial essay.

“While this does not excuse the post of responsibility, it was not the intent of the writer, nor the Ichthus, to present a piece that is anti-Semitic in nature or in interpretation,” the apology stated. “The writer holds nothing but love for his heritage and feels very deeply for the welfare of the Jewish people. The blog was not intended to communicate animosity, but concern and a sincere desire to communicate the necessity of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.”

My second reaction is that I have never understood why this topic has obsessed so many people for as long as it has.  Seems to me that if I’m a Christian and somebody asked me who killed Jesus, my answer had better be, “No one.  He walked out of that tomb.”

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