Thursday, December 05, 2013

Sally Steenland thanks Vague, Ambiguous, Infinitely-Malleable, Inclusive, Affirming, Open-Minded And Tolerant Deity Concept that real “Christianity” is finally reasserting itself:

A more inclusive and generous brand of Christianity is increasingly making itself known—a Christianity that goes back to Jesus and threads its way through history. This prophetic, justice-minded Christianity has a proud tradition of standing up for abolition, civil rights, the poor and vulnerable, peace, and equality. It is invitational rather than exclusive, communal rather than individualistic, and compassionate rather than harsh.

The inward nature of this Christianity is fueled by spiritual discipline. It is embodied in community and in striving to live out gospel messages of love and reconciliation so that God’s beloved community can become a reality on this earth.

The outward nature of this Christianity is embodied in efforts that tackle the root causes of injustice, as well as its symptoms, and that speak out for those who are marginalized and lack worldly power and clout. Those who follow this type of Christianity are dedicating their lives to a wide range of justice issues, including immigration reform, gun violence prevention, economic equality, poverty reduction, health care justice, LGBT equality, women’s reproductive health, and more.

Let me see if I have this straight.  It’s un-Christian to defend the lives of the unborn, who, by definition, “are marginalized and lack worldly power and clout.”  But it’s perfectly Christian to regard the abortion of those same unborn as a matter of moral indifference.

Sal?  Kitten?  Heartiest congratulations on countering Pascal’s wager.  If God actually turns out to be a leftist Episcopalian, then upon my Earthly demise, I have lost absolutely nothing by declaring myself an atheist.

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