Monday, December 02, 2013

Or... what will happen in the Church of England after the Pilling report.

Yesterday's "Pilling" report on the ways in which the Church of England should respond to same sex relationships and marriage took 200 pages to say really very little (apart from the Bishop of Birkenhead's admirable crafted dissenting opinion - which you can read here).

There were no recommendations for radical changes to the church's liturgy or practice. The headline was the suggestion that the blessing of gay civil partnerships (which has, in fact, been going on quietly for years in liberal churches) should become officially OK.

Nevertheless the report admirably demonstrates the tactics of theological liberals in the CofE: to very slowly change what the church believes and does, one tiny step at a time, never allowing those who hold to a biblical view to present any one change as a huge, cataclysmic departure from Scripture.

This is to ensure that there is never an opportunity for evangelicals to rally together with their congregations....

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