Thursday, December 19, 2013

...those persuaded that we are just having a ‘conversation’ just need to note the way TEC was undermined using the same game plan. Justin under the guise of a sheep has got away with things Rowan never could have.

No that is the plan, and what unless the Evangelical Bishops are prepared to stand up and those others who are concerned, then that is what we are headed for - funded by TEC, organised with materials from US organisations used for the first Continuing Indaba - both in the CofE and the Communion.

It is a high risk policy. Certainly in the Global South the game has been rumbled, and it will break apart the Church of England.

How do I know it will break apart the Church of England? I have been watching it happen this week and reading peoples’ blogs as they explain what they are doing as they start to divide - including many who are in between. I grieve for that. It is heartbreaking.

Hubris, Disobedience, Deception - the Father of Lies is hard at work.

However, God is in charge, and I have seen Him move in power in answer to prayer in ways I could never have imagined, so please join me in prayer. Your will be done, O Lord.

2 John 1:1-11

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