Thursday, December 12, 2013


By Roger Salter
Special to Virtueonline
December 12, 2013

It is clear that the current narrative of Anglicanism is an inestimably sad one. Organizationally in North America there is yet no significant or coherent entity capable of turning back the tide of defection. There is seemingly deep concern on a broad scale over the continuing drift, and there are encouraging developments at embryonic stages which may increase in future influence, but at the present time there is no clear sign that substantive Scriptural and Reformational re-ordering within the Communion is about to be enterprised. Anglo-Catholicism appears to have the grip on ecclesiastical administration and direction, and Charismaticism seems to exert the appeal for enthusiastic newcomers of younger years. The latter trend, with a strong emphasis on experience and emotion, presents a doctrinally diluted version of Evangelicalism. The critical issue for Anglicanism is the issue of identity. How is the authentic Anglican Way to be defined?

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