Saturday, December 21, 2013

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As many of you know, I have, for many years, been the strongest advocate for making the Rev. Bonnie “It’s An Aircraft Carrier, Not A Refrigerator Magnet It’s A River, Not A Pie” Perry into an Episcopal bishop.  While I would still like to see that happen, a far stronger candidate for an Episcopal pointy hat and an Episcopal hooked stick has recently appeared on the scene and superseded Ms. Perry.

Danielle Tumminio.

Why?  Two reasons.  For one thing, she’s quite the looker; Danielle gives a WHOLE new definition to the term “bishop’s visitation,” if you know what I mean and I think you do.  Kick Tumminio upstairs and the Episcopalians pretty much lock up the crucial middle-school boy and creepy adult male demographics.
The other reason is that, in the course of “clarifying” her recent defense of polygamy, Tumminio accidentally came up with the single, greatest description of the Episcopal religion that I’ve ever seen anywhere:

However, Ms. Tumminio told Anglican Ink that she was “not advocating for a change in The Episcopal Church’s teaching on marriage to accommodate plural relationships.  If, for instance, I was asked to perform a plural marriage, I would decline, explaining that it is not in line with the Doctrine and Discipline of The Episcopal Church.”

Oh.  Okay.  Might plural marriage also not be…in line…with…anything else…that a supposedly-Christian minister might find…important?  No?

Her support for polygamy was not theological, but based on libertarian principles and a belief in civil religious toleration.

Except that it was.  From Danielle’s CNN piece.

I also believe there are theoretical reasons why, as a Christian, it makes sense to support healthy polygamous practices. It’s a natural extension for those Christians who support same-sex marriage on theological grounds. But even for those opposed to same-sex marriage, polygamy is documented in the Bible, thereby giving its existence warrant.
It does mean, though, that there is room for Christians to support the right of consenting adults to make choices about marriage that align with their religious beliefs in a country that prides itself on religious freedom.

Finally, like us, they want to practice their faith. And as long as that practice is in the service of cultivating loving, healthy relationships that strive to honor God and neighbor, I believe it is possible for even nonpolygamous Christians such as myself to support their calling.

Danielle’s bishop, Ian Douglas, had this to say.

The Rt. Rev. Ian Douglas, Bishop of Connecticut, who exercises ecclesial jurisdiction over Ms. Tumminio, told Anglican Ink: “I am in keeping with the doctrine and discipline of The Episcopal Church, and thus I do not support polygamy.”

Damn.  Does DT have chops or what?  Ian’s going to have a little chat with the lass.

He noted that the article had come to his notice after having been contacted by Anglican Ink for comments, and stated he planned “to be in communication with Ms. Tumminio about what she has written.”

People, we simply have to make this happen.

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