Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty Ghoulash
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One of my favorite movie scenes is at the end of 1981’s Mephisto.  It’s a Hungarian film, and I think they’re speaking Magyar.  But you don’t need the subtitles or dubs (dubbing is the devil’s work anyway, IMO) to see what’s going on.  Klaus Maria Brandauer plays a once idealistic actor who, over time, has prospered by bending his convictions to do the bidding of the ascending political force, the Nazis.
In this scene, his new masters show him the great stadium stage they’ll put him on for one of their rallies.  Then they play with him like little boys tormenting an insect.  His last line is something like, “What do they want with me?  After all, I’m only an actor.”

The crass people who sell their souls to have power over others and control of the world’s shiny stuffwant arts, religion, sports, and any and all other means of expression under their control.  It is because their ideology can’t stand either the light of day, because it is evil, or debate, because it is not rational.

So it is with the gay activists and their political codependents who, despite all of their live and let live propaganda, can’t stand to have any point of view but their own played to the public.

So now our Olympic delegation is a demonstration of gay pride.

One of the stars of the A&E “reality” show Duck Dynasty, in an interview with a magazine, espoused both his Christian view of sexual morality and some coarse “ick factor” remarks about gay male sex, and has been “suspended” by the network.

I know people in academic settings who make clear that you can’t say anything that isn’t in lockstep with the LGBT&c talking points if you want to get tenure or be published.

Here’s an Episcopal priest who is already on to celebrating the virtues of polygamy. CNN gives her a forum.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a couple of good articles by people standing up for stuff like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and adult behaviors like changing the channel when you don’t like a show or being courteous in listening to those with whom you disagree.

I find myself waiting for the “moderate LGBT&c” that must be in hiding with the hordes of “moderate Muslims” to come out and condemn the totalitarian jerks who claim to speak for them.

Cue crickets chirping.

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