Sunday, December 22, 2013

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You know what’s sad?  Watching the Christian tradition into which you were born commit suicide.  You know what’s even sadder than that?  Watching the Christian tradition into which you were born commit suicide and not even being remotely able to bring yourself to care even a little bit.  Pageantmaster on the upcoming death of the Church of England:

Then there was the role as a facilitator at the Dublin Primates meeting, the question marks about Liverpool and the connections made in Bishop Jones’ early Real African Word on sexuality in the diocese, the links with Virginia Theological Seminary, the skill with psychological warfare techniques used at Dublin, at Coventry with Tory Baucum and Shannon Johnston, the undermining of Holy Trinity Brompton — perhaps the biggest potential casualty with a worldwide impact — a mission with so much promise, and yet through hubris and pride now at risk.

Then the rejection by Synod a few years ago of the attempt by Rowan Williams to bring in his suffragan +Dover as chair of the business committee and introduce Indaba to Synod, and the subsequent roll out of Real African Word in Synod last July and this February by Welby and Porter, the control freakery run mad at Synod this year, the control at Lambeth Palace by gay activists, liberal press people and dodgy reconciliation practitioners, the lies, lies, lies – about being a conservative evangelical, about why he went to Kenya, the lies of Arun Arora and William Fittall they were instructed to tell when the truth threatened to come out and derail the women bishops vote, notwithstanding that the Pilling Report document was prepared on 20th November, just as the vote was going on.

Then the hectoring of young gentle and loving Christians for ‘homophobia’, probably the last group where you would find it, the opening of CofE Schools to materials prepared by gay activists not only to fight homophobic bullying but to push an unbiblical agenda, the sly and suggestive comments about how challenged he is, the dishonesty, the manipulation, the ‘reconciliation’, the Continuing Real African Word and the lack of clarity about which US source is funding it.

I could go on about that, but that is to talk about the person and the fragile personality and the flakey theology, whereas this whole issue is not about personality but instead about policy and about plans laid down long ago, long before Welby became ABC, and long before he accepted the brief which came with the job, and based on which he was appointed.

This is about cold, manipulative engineering, to take apart a Christian denomination, the third largest in the world, by taking out the heart of its administrative structures and subvert its founding church, following just the same plan. 

It is about the intention all along to have ‘facilitated conversations’ in the Church of England controlled by ‘Canon’ David Porter and Justin Welby to a plan from Coventry, and about the plans not far behind that to roll them out in the Communion.  It is about the cold hard determination to do whatever it takes, whatever the cost, whatever the promises broken and lies which need to be told, the gongs given to African bishops and the bribery to assist the agenda. 

Nothing will be allowed to get in the way, and those persuaded that we are just having a ‘conversation’ just need to note the way TEC was undermined using the same game plan.  Justin under the guise of a sheep has got away with things Rowan never could have.

No that is the plan, and what unless the Evangelical Bishops are prepared to stand up and those others who are concerned, then that is what we are headed for – funded by TEC, organised with materials from US organisations used for the first Continuing Real African Word -both in the CofE and the Communion.

It is a high risk policy.  Certainly in the Global South the game has been rumbled, and it will break apart the Church of England.

How do I know it will break apart the Church of England?  I have been watching it happen this week and reading peoples’ blogs as they explain what they are doing as they start to divide – including many who are in between.  I grieve for that.  It is heartbreaking.

Content edited slightly.  Read the whole thing.

I have two words for all of those who think that an “official” Canterbury connection still has some sort of “apostolic” importance that should not be lightly abandoned.  Grow up.

Any “apostolic” pretensions the Church of England still has are dead.  Pageantmaster’s scenario basically signifies the complete Episcopalian takeover of the Anglican Communion.  The focus of the “official” Angican world will shift from Canterbury to New York and those who have joked about Katharine Jefferts Schori somehow becoming the next “Archbishop of Canterbury” will essentially get their wish.

Actual Christianity will be tolerated in the C of  E for a while but will be proscribed in a very short time.  Eventually, traditionalist Anglicans will decamp for any “Anglican” alternative available, for the Ordinariate, for evangelical Protestantism or for Orthodoxy while deluded fools will convince themselves that they’re “called” to remain within the C of E as “witnesses” to the Gospel.

For the love of God, move on, people.

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