Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good money after bad

Episcopal Church Mission Enterprise Zones, New Church Starts grants announced
The Episcopal Church
Office of Public Affairs
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bishop Stacy Sauls, Chief Operating Officer of The Episcopal Church, has announced the first recipients of the grants for Mission Enterprise Zones and for New Church Starts.

These two innovative Episcopal Church initiatives are funded through the Five Marks of Mission triennial budget, approved by General Convention July 2012. In the budget, $2 million was allotted for the work of establishing Mission Enterprise Zones and for supporting New Church Starts for the First Mark of Mission, To proclaim the Good news of the Kingdom.

Matching grants were available for up to $20,000 for a Mission Enterprise Zone and up to $100,000 for New Church Starts.

Thirty grants totaling $1.3 million were awarded to 27 dioceses, including two Episcopal/Lutheran initiatives. The committee continues to meet monthly to review new applications. Application forms can be accessed here

Applications were reviewed and considered by the Local Mission and Ministry Committee of Executive Council, serving as the review committee for the grant applications.

Grant recipients

The following are the grant recipients, the sponsoring diocese and the amount:

Allston Project, Diocese of Massachusetts, $100,000
Canton/Fells Point Mission, Diocese of Maryland and Delaware-Maryland Synod of the ELCA, $100,000
Divine Power Yoga, Diocese of Chicago /Metro Chicago Synod, $100,000
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Hurricane Shelter, Sewing Clinic, Diocese of Honduras, $20,000
Episcopal Development Agency of Thomasville, Diocese of Georgia, $20,000
GEORGE: Center for Community - An Artist's Space, Diocese of Olympia, $20,000
Grace Church – Episcopal, Diocese of Oklahoma, $100,000
Hmong Ministry Planting Initiative, Diocese of Minnesota, $100,000
Holy Apostles Episcopal Sudanese Church, Diocese of South Dakota, $20,000
Iglesia Santa Maria, Diocese of Arizona, $100,000
Kairos West Community Center, Diocese of Western North Carolina, $20,000
Korean Ministry of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Diocese of El Camino Real, $20,000
La Iglesia Detroit, Diocese of Michigan, $100,000
Latino Ministry Leadership Development, Diocese of Southwest Florida, $20,000
Lawrence House Service Corps, Western Massachusetts, $20,000
Living our Baptismal Covenant Together, Diocese of Idaho , $20,000
Mission Christ the Liberator (Cristo Libertador), Diocese of Dominican Republic, $100,000
Organizing Latinos for Mission, Diocese of San Diego, $20,000
Our Lady Of Guadalupe Episcopal Church, Diocese of Olympia, $100,000
Reviving Cultural and Ministry Needs of the Penn Hills Area, Diocese of Pittsburgh, $20,000
Seeds of Hope Neighborhood Center, Diocese of Maine, $20,000
St. Columba Church Replant, Diocese of Hawaii, $20,000
St. Mary in Palms Spanish speaking ministry, Diocese of Los Angeles, $100,000
St. Matthew's Mission Enterprise, Diocese of Northern California, $20,000
The Matthew 25 Project, Diocese of Los Angeles, $20,000
Trinity Episcopal Bread and Roses Ministry, Diocese of Virginia, $20,000
Urban Core Mission Enterprise Zone, Diocese of Southern Ohio, $20,000
Warriors of the Dream - Transforming Violence, Building Leaders, Diocese of New York, $20,000
Westside Ministry Partnership, Diocese of Northern Indiana, $20,000
Young Adult Ministry Development Team, Diocese of Iowa, $20,000

For more information contact the Rev. Thomas Brackett, Episcopal Church Missioner for New Church Starts and Missional Initiatives.

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