Thursday, December 12, 2013

La Joie de Vivre 1:6 -- the Unbearable Sleaziness of Being (a Gay Man)

By Robert Oscar Lopez
December 8, 2013

In this edition of La Joie de Vivre, I must warn the reader that recent events require that I speak the language of gay men -- it is a crude, shocking, and indelicate language. I must do this to explain the shift that occurred in my own political position over the last week, a shift resulting from the clear signs that aspects of gay culture -- pederasty, exploitation, callousness -- which I formerly viewed as marginal or non-representative, have revealed themselves to be central to the modern gay male identity, as explained directly by Michelangelo Signorile, longstanding gay leader and columnist for the Huffington Post. I agree with Mr. Signorile wholeheartedly when he says that one cannot be fully "pro-gay" in the modern sense without accepting what he calls "intergenerational sex." While I believe in the dignity of gay and bisexual men, I cannot class myself as "pro-gay" under these demands; I am grateful that Mr. Signorile has provided, at last, an honest definition of what "pro-gay" means, rather than relying on obfuscations and euphemisms. The basic precepts of gay male politics in our times require that we, in order to satisfy the central aims of the ligbitist movement, liberate the innate homosexual attraction to pederasty, going all the way back to antiquity. Therefore, this community is by its nature ill-equipped to be tasked with mentoring, raising, or tending to children in unsupervised, vulnerable conditions.

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