Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In a couple of days, St. Luke’s Episcopal Outlet in Montclair, New Jersey will host this:

Pro-life? Got it.

Pro-choice? Fine.

But what about the woman in the middle? The girl who’s actually had the abortion? The one who’s feeling the feelings? What about the men who experience abortion?

These are the voices we don’t hear. Because they’re unexpected. Because they may make us uncomfortable. Because it’s not safe to speak.

Two young women, Kassi Underwood ["Writer, Speaker, Human," according to her web site] and Natalia Koss-Vallejo, are traveling the U.S. to share their abortion experience and facilitate a conversation with those in the audience to create an environment where silenced issues can be discussed in a way that begins to shift culture from stigma and shame to support and respect.

You get three guesses as to how this thing plays out but you’re only going to need one.

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