Wednesday, December 04, 2013

On Conversion and New Birth

By Bruce Atkinson PhD
Special to Virtueonline
December 4, 2013

This article was written partly at the suggestion of David Virtue and partly as a result of an extended conversation with my daughter Amanda Catherine, whose writing skills are more advanced than my own, and whose Master's thesis for her MA in Religious Studies at the University of Georgia in 2012 was entitled: "Pauline Conversion and the Resurrection Narrative: A Psychological Case Study."

I know of two kinds of Christians and both of these show evidence of great commitment to Christ and of growth in spiritual maturity and fruits of the Spirit. One type of Christian has never experienced a "Damascus Road moment" or similar conversion experience but their lives show a gradual growth in spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Then there are those who can point to a particular past moment in their lives of deep repentance and "born again" experience, with God showing up in a merciful and life-changing way. They will never forget this time and it has proved to be a powerful springboard for personal healing and growth.

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