Friday, December 20, 2013

Pilling: What are the Bishops thinking?

By Andrew Symes
Anglican Mainstream
December 18, 2013

Last week the Church of England's House of Bishops had an initial discussion about the Pilling Report. The expectancy outside the room was huge: what was said? Did those Bishops known to be opposed to blessing of same sex relationships make a stand with Keith Sinclair's dissenting statement? (+Keith would not have been there of course, as this was a meeting of Diocesan Bishops). Were battle lines drawn, or was the emphasis on unity and collegiality? Were any decisions taken? None of this information has leaked out, and instead we were given this anodyne three line summary:

Sir Joseph Pilling attended the House to introduce a discussion on ways to address the recently published report on Human Sexuality, a paper commissioned by the House of Bishops as a report to the House.

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