Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby Face Enormous Hurdles in a Post-Christian World
Can they succeed in reaching Millenials for Christ?


By David W. Virtue DD
December 27, 2013

By any standard, the challenge facing both Western Protestant churches and the Roman Catholic Church in the coming decade is how and who will reach Millenials for Jesus Christ.

With mainline Protestant denominations in the US and Canada aging and dying, and having played out liberal Protestantism to its logical conclusion - a total loss of transcendence and an attendant focus on social issues - a whole generation has been lost to the gospel.

Evangelicalism in America has become so vapid and lightweight it is little more than a sentimental repetition of Bible verses, bad "Christian" TV, and simplistic choruses that fail to touch the deepest roots of the angst that Millenials presumably feel when they are alone with nothing but their thoughts.

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