Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Episcopal Church and The Path of Nelson Mandela
What is happening in South Carolina is nothing less than raw intimidation by TEC
The Episcopal Church has long abandoned its true mission as the Body of Christ in the world

By Ladson F. Mills III
Special to Virtueonline
December 13, 2013

Liberalisms failure in the decline of the Episcopal Church is not due to a lack of noble ideals, but in a leadership failing to comprehend that authority is granted to those who earn it. Traditional liberals understood this and experienced success because they were rooted in the Gospel. Their successors rely on power to control and even destroy those who stand in opposition. The most recent legal motion filed by the loyal Episcopal Church in South Carolina is just the latest example of how far true liberalism has strayed from its hallmark roots of genuine tolerance and inclusiveness. Four clergy remaining under Bishop Mark Lawrence were added to yet another lawsuit which claims they conspired to take assets and "deprive Episcopalians loyal to the Episcopal Church of their property rights." This is nothing less than raw intimidation.

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