Friday, December 27, 2013

Will Sudanese War, Hunger Ever Stop?
Christian Relief Workers Endangered

By Harry M. Covert
Special to Virtueonline
December 26, 2013

The travesty and tragedy of civil war, hunger and famine continues in Africa in the midst of the Christian holiday celebrations.

The latest eruptions of murder and mayhem are in The Sudan. This time fighting between rebels, farmers and shepherds in the in the new nation of South Sudan. Broadcast news is flooded with reports of southern Sudanese trying to escape the warfare. American Marines, some 3,000 or so in battle dress, are waiting to storm the south and rescue stranded American and international aid workers. U.N. 'peacekeepers" have been authorized and are standing by.

Pray that delays won't make the problems even worse. As always the people suffer. In this instance, Christian missionary relief organizations worldwide along with international non-governmental agencies have been attempting to distribute food and medicines for thousands of hungry and sick Sudanese.

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