Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bikers For Life
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“The abortion lobby and the media have defined the pro-life movement as a collection of old, conservative, white, Republican, religious nut-cases,” Crutcher said. “Unfortunately, we often reinforce that stereotype and, in doing so, we keep our numbers artificially low.”
He said that personal experience has led him to believe that the biker community is actually more pro-life than the general public, making motorcyclists a perfect ally in fighting against abortion in America.
“Several factors drive this. First, by their nature, bikers tend to be politically conservative,” he added. “Second, bikers also tend to be an extremely patriotic group and, today, they are sensing that something is terribly wrong with out country and that, if changes are not made, we will soon be in an irreversible state of moral collapse. They also see the legalization of abortion as a symbol of that moral collapse.”
“The clinics are the killing fields, and this is the place where God is calling the biker community into action,” he said.
The entire article is available here.

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