Thursday, January 09, 2014

...When the charismatic movement began seriously to impact on the Church of England in the 1970s and 1980s, its evangelical leaders, particularly David Watson, were very clear that 'words of knowledge' needed to be checked against the Bible. If they contradicted the Bible, then they were not from God.

The spiritual and moral content of human dreams surely needs to be checked against the authority of Scripture otherwise appalling chaos could erupt on local churches. It is not inevitable that evangelical charismatic churches should leave themselves open to that.

That is why the pastors of the Lord Christ's precious flock in such churches must clearly teach and exemplify the supreme authority of God's Word written...

... 'The courage the church needs today', by research fellow Nick Tucker, which looks at the example of the confessing church in Germany under Hitler, is a golden goal, one might say. Here is a golden quote:
In Germany in the 30s, the distinction between God and the creation had become blurred and broken down. God was seen as a being who was developing along with the human culture. What the writers of the Barmen declaration recognised was that, in the end, this view fatally undermines the Christian faith. The church's identity and message, as they understood it, came from God and could not be changed at will.
That is why confessing Anglicans must resist revisionist moves to airbrush sin and repentance out of the Baptism service.

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