Friday, January 10, 2014

The Rt. Rev. David AndersonMessage from Bishop Anderson 
Dear Friends of the Anglican realignment,
As I write this I am aware that many of my readers have been suffering through an incredible outbreak of very cold polar air that has pushed temperatures from Canada to Florida to lows not seen in decades. Broken pipes, flooded offices and homes are all being reported from many quarters. I pray that your homes and offices are safe, or that you are able to effect a rapid recovery.
The College of Bishops (CoB) of the Anglican Church in North America has been meeting this week in a surprisingly cold Orlando, Florida with some bishops missing due to weather-related travel problems. I want to report good solid progress in many areas, and direct you to a Communique containing more detail that the CoB will be releasing shortly - we will post it on the AAC website when it is available.
The tone and tenor of our meeting is so refreshing, so lacking strife or guardedness, and so filled with genuine collegiality and a love and respect among the bishops, that I trust that even difficult issues will be resolved in time with the grace God is bestowing on the CoB gatherings. One aspect of the church that deserves your prayer and intercession is the process of selecting the next Archbishop/Primate of the Anglican Church in North America, which will occur this June as the College of Bishops meet in Pennsylvania in conclave. No politicking is occurring that I am aware of, and the College is approaching it in a genuine desire to let the Holy Spirit lead us to the right bishop. In the near future a collect will be circulated among ACNA churches to uphold that process, but our readers who are not members of the ACNA should feel free to use that collect as well. Look for it.
Regarding the Church of England (CofE), it does appear that the number of difficult issues which the CofE is facing in the upcoming year will sorely test the ability of that church to stay together with any sense of unity, but the current Archbishop of Canterbury is capable of clearer speech than we believe we experienced with the former Archbishop, and with that clarity the different parties can at least better understand the direction the Archbishop of Canterbury is desiring or willing to go. The first event to watch is the English House of Bishops meeting in January. Will they take action on the Pilling report?
Blessings and Peace in Jesus Christ,
The Rt. Rev. David C. Anderson,
President and Chairmen of the Board, American Anglican Council 

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