Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Only lgbtq? What happened to the other letters?

Standing with the persecuted in Uganda and Nigeria
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Gay Jennings, the President of the House of Deputies (pecusa, ed.), has written an op-Ed today for the Religion News Service. She argues strongly for the need for religious leaders to speak out against the harsh, anti-LGBTQ laws now taking effect in Uganda and Nigeria.

She points out that Western Christian missionaries brought biblical literalism with them as a cultural import, and so we in the West bear some responsibility for the laws now being passed in the name of this same literalism.

However, this is not the only voice in the conversation, she reports:
The situation is not hopeless. Across Christian Africa, tools like contextual Bible study, developed in post-apartheid South Africa, provide new ways to read the Bible and what it has to say about sexuality and other central issues in the lives of African Christians. These new readings of old texts encourage Christians to accept LGBT people as God’s children.
Read the whole editorial here.

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