Friday, January 31, 2014

The Word Unspoken Serves You; The Word Once Spoken You Serve
By the Rt. Rev. David C. Anderson
Over the last few decades individuals and groups that believe in the Biblical model for marriage have used the democratic process to pass legislation clarifying that marriage consists of one man and one woman. As the lesbian and gay juggernaut continues to roll over everyone else's rights, I wonder if the rights of not only Anglicans, but eventually everyone, including gays and lesbians, will fall to the wayside. The current idea being promoted by activists is that individuals have the inherent and god-blessed right to do unnatural acts with one another and also to have those relationships and acts raised to the same lawful estate as Holy Matrimony for heterosexual couples, not only by the state but the church as well.

In the activist's pursuit of this agenda, any means that advances the cause, whether fair or foul, seems to be acceptable. If legislation works, then use legislation. But more often, it appears that the court system is shopped until an available, sympathetic judge can be found. For example, one appeals court judge in the western United States ruled on a petition where homosexuality was an important contributing factor without divulging that he was a closeted homosexual with a partner and without recusing himself. He ruled in the favor of the pro-homosexual parties. Then he retired, and then he came out of the closet. After that he unfortunately fell ill and passed away, but the damage had been done...Read more.

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