Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let’s say you run a photography studio in Hays, Kansas or a bakery in Ness City.  One day, two homosexuals walk into your fine establishment and inform you that they wish to engage your services for their upcoming “wedding.”

You politely reply that since your Christian beliefs inform you that homosexual activity is a sin, you cannot agree to their request.  But you helpfully inform them of a Salina photography studio or a WaKeeney bakery that would be more than happy to help them out and at much cheaper rates too.

This situation has happened before.  And as far as Kansas Episocopal Bishops Dean Wolfe and Michael Milliken are concerned, both men would be perfectly fine with those two homosexuals suing your business into oblivion because of your incorrect religious opinion:

House Bill 2453, which is currently before the Kansas Senate, proposes to legalize discrimination against gay and lesbian couples, attributing the excuse for such discrimination as “religious freedom.” In truth, this bill is not about religious freedom but is aimed at creating state-authorized bias and inequality.

Under this bill, government employees could refuse to offer services to their fellow citizens and taxpayers, while claiming religious motives. Business owners could refuse goods and services to people they perceive to be partnered gay or lesbians without repercussion. This proposed legislation is reminiscent of the worst laws that permitted discrimination against people on the basis of color, sex or nation of origin. The intent of this bill is an affront to the beliefs of all Kansans who support equal treatment under the law for every human being.

Oh and if you’re thinking about playing the race card, a word of advice.  Don’t.  That is, unless you can do two things.  Show me where the Bible declares that it’s a sin merely to be African.  And come up the ability to walk into a room full of people and instantly and unfailingly point out every single homosexual in the place.

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