Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Gospel holds up a mirror to culture – it affirms but also judges, refines and purifies. This is especially true in certain key areas, for example tempering the instinct to solve problems through violence, instilling a sense of value for all human beings, especially the most vulnerable, and bringing order to sexual impulses. The narrative of the Old Testament shows this: God making his will known in relationship with his obedient people, whether Noah, Abraham or Moses and Israel is contrasted with the sin of the surrounding peoples. Conversely as the people of God turn away from his Word, society returns to its primal state with dangerous characteristics: sexual immorality, reduction in care for the vulnerable, violence, and occult religion. So those who would like African countries to get rid of biblical Christianity on the grounds that it might make the continent safer for gay people, should be careful what they wish for...

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