Thursday, February 06, 2014

Anglican Church takes root in Congo Brazzaville

By Bellah Zulu,
February 5, 2014

Though church growth in Congo Brazzaville has been relatively slow over the past few years, the area now has 4 parishes, 11 sub-parishes, 7 priests, 1 deacon, 13 Evangelists and a total of over 1000 Anglican Christians.

The Anglican Church was first introduced in Congo Brazzaville in 1997 by the Ven. Raymond Banzouzi who was sent by the Diocese of Kinshasa to "establish the church in that part of the world and spread the gospel to the west of the country and beyond."

With a total area of about 342, 000 square kilometres, the Republic of Congo would prove to be hard to penetrate especially in the southern parts where Anglicanism had not even been heard off. But through their determination and resilience, the men sent by the Diocese of Kinshasa, one of the 9 dioceses of the Anglican Province of Congo, were able to sow the first seeds of Anglicanism in the area.

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