Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Dream big, Deborah Caldwell:

The world’s richest and most powerful nation has become more ethnically diverse and therefore more religiously tolerant than ever before, driven by a young generation that is increasingly disinterested in conservative social views. And that trend coincides with a growing global focus on the wealth gap.

So: take a new world religious leader from a developing country, with strong views about inclusion, diversity, and poverty mitigation. Then stir in two major demographic and socioeconomic trends driven in part by the world’s most powerful country.
Result: 2014, the Year of Religious Liberalism.

Good luck with that, Deb.  The western left has been at this project ever since I was a kid because I think they understand something that the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinists never did.  Regardless of whether you actually believe this stuff, it never hurts and can only help to have a “spiritual” reason for your entirely non-spiritual societal innovations.

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