Sunday, February 02, 2014

Biological trappings?

That title isn’t in reference to the rich, but to the gender confused. According to the Daily Caller:
The supreme court of Maine has issued an opinion declaring that transgender children in the state’s public schools must be allowed to choose their own bathrooms despite their genitalia or how uncomfortable other students may feel about it.
The5-1 decision, which came down on Thursday, marks the first time any state’s high court has ruled that transgender kids can use the bathroom with which they identify rather than the one matching their biological trappings, reports the Bangor Daily News.
The case, which originated in 2009 and stagnated for years in Maine’s courts, involved a fifth-grade student who wanted to use the girls’ bathroom. School officials said no because the student was not, in fact, a girl.
The child’s parents and the Maine Human Rights Commission sued the school district. The way the school treated the student and bullying by other students were also at issue.
“This sends a message to my children that you can believe in the system,” said Wayne Maines, the father of the victorious student, according to the Daily News.
Actually, it sends the message that if you can claim you are part of some vanishingly small minority, you can use the courts to make the majority accommodate you, no matter how absurd the request. Here’s what’s really going on in these cases, which are multiplying throughout the country: A deliberate choice is being made to favor one group over another for no other reason than jurist preference. The Maine court demonstrated this extremely well when it wrote:
Where, as here, it has been clearly established that a student’s psychological well-being and educational success depend upon being permitted to use the communal bathroom consistent with her gender identity, denying access to the appropriate bathroom constitutes sexual orientation discrimination.”
“Psychological well-being and educational success”–do you suppose the court gave any consideration at all to how the presence of biological males in girls’ bathrooms would effect the psychological well-being of the females? Or their educational success? I’ve read a couple of these decisions, and I’m guessing that the level of curiosity about the impact on the female population is zero. In a school of 1000, the likelihood is that no more than one or two male students will ever step forward to say they are transgendered and want to use girls facilities (in some places, that has included lockerrooms). That means that 500 students must have their own privacy violated and “psychological well-being” put at risk for the sake of one or two boys.
I have no doubt that the children on whose behalf parents are making these claims are psychologically disordered, and that schools, among other institutions, need to work with their parents to help them in some way. But the move to allow such children to use the facilities of the other gender is akin to saying that all buildings must be designed without walls so as not to discomfit claustrophobics. Such a proposal would be laughed out of court. This one should be as well.

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