Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The General Synod of the Church of England meets in London today (and tomorrow, and on Wednesday). As far as the media are concerned, there are only two items on the agenda - women bishops and all things gay.

Because that's all the Church ever talks intensely about - gender and sexuality; specifically feminism and gayness. These raise the strongest emotions, for and against. Is it acceptable for two men to marry, or two women to be blessed? Can they say, "God made us this way?" Is same-sex relationship a bar to ordination? "Why does the Church bless hamsters, buildings and trees, but not a sincere, monogamous homosexual union?" These are matters of value, justice and equality.

And it's true that the main item of business is the Revision Stage for the draft legislation to enable women to become bishops. In an unusual move, this will be taken on the floor of the Synod without there having been a prior Revision Committee. There will also be three other debates as part of the women bishops process: on the Declaration and Disputes Resolution Procedure agreed by the House of Bishops in December; to initiate the process to rescind the 1993 Act of Synod; and to suspend part of the Standing Orders in order to accelerate the process for referring the legislation to the dioceses.
it's really all about women bishops, gay marriage, paedophiles and fashion.

Welcome to the Vogue Synod.

His Grace really must look into being co-opted

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