Thursday, February 27, 2014

Greg Fry is Now Gwen Fry
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Okay then.

Today The Rev. Greg Fry, priest-in-charge of Grace Church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, changed his Facebook page to reflect his new name - Gwen - and changed his/her profile pic from the one on the left, to the one on the right.

So now the only question is: What will Arkansas Bishop Larry Benfield do now? Will he continue to encourage the parish to “learn” and “discuss” the matter of Gwen’s transgenderosityness? Will he encourage Grace Church Pine Bluff to join Gwen on his/her “journey”?

Word is the bishop will be holding a parish meeting soon, possibly as early as tonight, to decide Fry’s fate as priest-in-charge of Grace Church. Let’s hope common sense carries the day, but if history is any indication, that’s probably just wishful thinking.

Bishop Benfield is between a rock and a hard place (possibly of his own making): Remove a priest who is “living into” the New Hotness in the Episcopal Church - transgendered clergy - and infuriate the militant wing of the gay activists who have taken over the church; or leave in place a priest whose appointment now invites intense scrutiny, particularly the question of whether the bishop, the canon to the ordinary, and some vestry members knew of Fry’s situation but kept it from the parish.

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