Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Holy Trinity Brompton and the New Form of British Evangelicalism

by Alastair Roberts
February 13, 2014

Andrew Wilson has a fascinating post http://tinyurl.com/lc4u3mg on his blog on the subject of the 'new centre of British evangelicalism.' Within it he argues that, while there are parts of British evangelicalism that are not within the ambit of its direct influence, Holy Trinity Brompton has become by far the most significant player within the UK evangelical world. Andrew defines the 'centre' that HTB represents as 'the reasonably large, obvious bit in the middle, as far away from all extremes as you can get, from which it is possible to influence most of the game, and which, if you want to play with everyone else, you have to interact with on a regular basis.'

Read the full story at www.VirtueOnline.org

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