Sunday, February 02, 2014

Pope Francis becoming media superstar
TIME, Vanity Fair, LIFE, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, all feature pontiff on magazine covers

By Mary Ann Mueller
VOL Special Correspondent
February 1, 2014

Since the words Habemus Papam were uttered last March 13 and a slightly bewildered and clearly overwhelmed Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio gingerly stepped out on the loggia as Pope Francis, the world has been transfixed by the Argentinean pontiff.

Since then Pope Francis, who took his papal name from St. Francis of Assisi, has been turning the church upside down with his simplicity and down-to-earth manners and mannerisms turning the social order on its ear. The world has taken note, especially the print media where the Holy Father is gracing a variety of magazine covers around the globe.

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