Sunday, March 02, 2014

Bizarre pecusa once more

PINE BLUFF, AR: Grace Church to transgendered priest: No, thank you
Lenten focus taken off the Cross and put on the struggle for gender identity

By Mary Ann Mueller
VOL Special Correspondent
March 1, 2014

As Ash Wednesday approaches and the Lenten journey to Calvary is about to begin, a male priest at Grace Episcopal Church announced to his small congregation Sunday that although he was born a male he now sees himself as a female -- so please call him "Gwen."

His announcement sent shock waves throughout the parish, the wider south central Arkansas community, and on up to the Diocese of Arkansas and Bishop Larry Benfield (XIII Arkansas), causing him to step in and take charge. By midweek, the transgendered priest was stripped of "his" altar and of "her" pulpit. However, s/he was not inhibited; his Episcopal priesthood remains intact.

"There's lots of misinformation floating around out there about the diocese's response to a priest announcing that that priest is transgender," the Diocesan website noted on Thursday. "To be clear, the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas has NOT severed ties with the priest. Our prayers and support are with the priest during this time."

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