Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Church Boundaries from One Anglican’s Perspective

By Bruce Atkinson
Special to Virtueonline
March 25, 2014

My earliest experiences with VirtueOnline included debating with a few radical and aggressively entrenched Calvinists. And then David Virtue invited me to write some articles. The rest is history. I have seen my role on VOL as primarily to “contend for the faith once and for all delivered,” that is, promoting the doctrines of Scripture versus today’s relativistic ideological and cultural encroachment into the Anglican Communion. Sadly, this worldly PC invasion has been evident not only in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada but even in the Church of England itself. Secondarily, I have accepted the role or working toward the reconciliation of the Reformed and Catholic aspects within Anglicanism —as much as is possible given my evangelical bias— and encouraging Anglicans on either extreme to move toward the middle. However, in interacting with those of a different perspective, I have noticed that it is easy for both sides to become unnecessarily polarized.

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