Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Compassionate or confusing? The Dalai Lama on same-sex marriage

One of the world's best known religious leaders has came out in favour of same-sex marriage. But what does he really think?

By Zac Alstin
March 11, 2014

Widely reported as having recently "thrown his moral weight behind gay marriage", the Dalai Lama's actual words to talk show host Larry King were not quite so compelling. He described sexual morality for the non-religious as a "personal matter", but noted that same-sex marriage was "up to the country's law". When pressed further on his personal opinion, he replied "That's okay. I think individual business".

Westerners have confused and contradictory impressions of Eastern religions and philosophies. On the one hand, fantasies of the mysterious and enigmatic Orient are nothing new: Omar Khayyam was as popular in Victorian England as Jalalladin Rumi is in America today. Nor need we watch Madam Butterfly to understand how Asia has continued to serve as a canvas for weird Western dreams, projections, and insecurities.

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