Sunday, March 02, 2014

Their denomination is collapsing under the weight of apostasy, heresy, and a generalized disinterest in the gospel as opposed to politics. Therefore, the Central Atlantic Conference of the United Church of Christ took the bull by the horns, and called on the church to make a stand for Christ.
Oh, who do I think I’m fooling? They did the usual pointless nonsense:
The governing body of United Church of Christ congregations in the Mid-Atlantic is proposing that its members boycott Washington Redskins games and shun products bearing the team’s logo until the team changes its name and mascot.
In a meeting Saturday in Catonsville [Maryland], the 25-member board of directors of the Central Atlantic Conference of the UCC unanimously passed the boycott resolution, pointedly avoiding use of the word Redskins. The board, mostly laypeople, proposed that the 22,000 members of the liberal denomination “join a boycott of games played by the Washington National League Football team and not wear, display or purchase any items with the Washington National League Football team logo until the name changes.”
The 180 congregations in the conference, which stretches from Richmond to New Jersey, were asked to debate the resolution before a vote on whether to adopt it at the conference’s annual meeting in mid-June. The conference also asked the church’s national governing body to consider passing a similar boycott resolution.
Leave aside the fact that this is the ecclesiastical equivalent of vacuuming the carpet while the house is burning down. Leave aside the fact that even in the realm of social issues, this is like complaining to your waiter about the fly in your soup but overlooking the rat poison with which it is laced. In terms of impact on the decision of the Washington Redskins about whether to change their nickname, I imagine it will be just as effective as this:

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