Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So, are you unwilling to publicly say: “GOD IS DEAD?”
A Review of the feature film: “God is (not) Dead”

By Peter Moore D.D.
Special to Virtueonline
March 25, 2014

You’re a lowly college freshman and you’'ve signed up for a gut course in philosophy to fulfill a liberal arts requirement. But you discover that the “price of admission” to the course is that you must sign a paper and pass it in to the professor that says “God is dead.”

Everyone dutifully signs and hands in the paper except Josh Wheaton. His girl friend, parents and pretty much everyone else thinks he’s crazy for refusing. But he does refuse.

But for this outright challenge to his atheist professor Josh gets assigned to give three very brief lectures to the whole class on why God exists. While the professor heckles him from the back, and mocks his arguments, Josh persists until at the end of the course the entire class comes around to his viewpoint. Josh becomes a hero, and his dazed professor dies in a car crash – but not just before he confesses his faith in Jesus Christ to a local minister who happens to witness the scene.

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