Monday, March 17, 2014

At Religion Dispatches, one of my go-to sites for pseudo-Christian leftist goofballism, Patricia Miller has a post up which is headlined, “Catholic Nuns Back DemocraticPartyCare Contraception Mandate.”  Which Catholic nuns?  These Catholic nuns:

The National Coalition of American Nuns has announced their support for women’s right to access contraceptives under the Affordable Care Act as the Supreme Court prepares to hear the historic Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood cases. While the plaintiffs in these cases are Mennonites and evangelical Christians, opposition to the contraceptive mandate was largely spearheaded by the Catholic bishops. Several key cases of Catholic non-profits, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, are making their way through the lower courts and may well end up in the Supreme Court themselves.

“NCAN is dismayed that the Little Sisters of the Poor, the University of Notre Dame and other Catholic organizations are challenging the Affordable Care Act. Spurred on by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops these organizations are attempting to hold hostage all women by refusing insurance to them for contraceptives,” said the 2,000-member group in a statement.
“This has gotten out of hand,” Sister Donna Quinn, head of NCAN, told RD. “It isn’t ‘faith and freedom’ when reproductive autonomy isn’t extended by the Catholic Church to women. Now we have other Christian religions seeing what the bishops are doing and saying we will do likewise. It isn’t freedom when a woman can be held hostage by the owner of a business.”

The nuns are seeking support for their stand through an online petition. The Rev. Debra Haffner of the Religious Institute is helping NCAN coordinate the effort. “When I saw the brave stand these nuns were taking on the mandate, I started to think about what we could do to amplify their voices. So we launched a social media campaign asking people to ‘Stand with the Nuns’,” she said.

I found this at Naughton’s.  Jim?  If you guys seriously think that this story is going to cause the Roman Catholic Church any PR problems at all, then you REALLY need to train your people on how to use this Internet doohickey that all the kids are into these days.

I did a quick Google search and discovered that the National Coalition of American Nuns consists of a few thousand of the most radically-leftist Episcopalian Catholic nuns out there.  Here’s NCAN’S web sitewhich, as you can see, hasn’t been updated in five years.

Weak tea, Jim.

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