Thursday, March 27, 2014

TEC bishops defend decision to bring HOB to Taiwan for meeting
Springfield Bishop Daniel Martins questions reasoning
Only 617 Taiwanese Episcopalians attend 13 churches on the Island
Episcopal Church is vestige of colonialism and is an embarrassment 

By Mary Ann Mueller
VOL Special Correspondent
March 26, 2014

NAVASOTA, TEXAS --- Late Monday night, Bishop Daniel Martins (XI Springfield) blogged, "After dinner, the item on the plenary agenda was a briefing on the next meeting of the House, which will take place this September ... in Taiwan."

He was reporting on the daily actions of the Episcopal House of Bishops' spring meeting, which is a mix of a conference and a retreat being held at Camp Allen, an Episcopal conference center located in the Diocese of Texas.

"Why Taiwan, you ask?" Bishop Martins continued to write on his Confessions of a Carioca blog. "Because the Episcopal Church, in fact, has a diocese there, whose bishop faithfully attends every meeting of the House.

"However, I had already made the decision that I will let them have this meeting without me," the Springfield bishop revealed, "I'm certain the Diocese of Springfield would come up with the funds to send me, pretty much without blinking. But I just don't think it's good stewardship of the not-unlimited money we are blessed with."

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