Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Mystery of the Last Supper
March 14, 2104

Sir Colin Humphreys is Professor of Materials Science at Cambridge University, and his most heavily quoted paper - one in the prestigious scientific journal Nature - is on the dating of the crucifixion of Jesus. How did this come about? Humphreys is a Christian, so as he said in the book Real Science, Real Faith, he has 'made it a particular personal try to pin down more accurately the dates of some important biblical events.'

I have written before on Humphreys' work on the dating of the birth of Jesus, but as Easter is coming soon, it seemed a good time to talk about his death. Jesus' crucifixion is dated around 30-33AD, but Humphreys and his astrophysicist colleague W.G. Waddington came up with the more exact date.

The date given in the Nature article was arrived at in four stages:

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