Monday, March 24, 2014

UK: Biblical Ignorance of Anglican Politicians is no Laughing Matter

By Julian Mann
Special to Virtueonline
March 22, 2014

Satirical sneering is not the appropriate response to the abject biblical ignorance of politicians in the House of Commons who celebrated the 20th anniversary of the ordination of women priests in the Church of England. For the national Church by law established, it is a cause for penitent self-examination because these politicians have been sitting in its pews.

Introducing the celebratory debate on Thursday in Westminster Hall, the Right Honourable Caroline Spelman, Conservative MP for Meriden in the West Midlands, declared: 'Some of the women in my constituency lack female role models within their own family-perhaps they are estranged from the grandparental generation. A female priest can provide real practical help, advice and support to young women making their first steps in motherhood without a family network around them.'

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