Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Walking the Labyrinth at Duke Chapel?

by Mark Tooley
March 17, 2014

Tomorrow the majestic chapel at Duke University is hosting a labyrinth, an annual Lenten tradition for the sanctuary, which belongs to the United Methodist related university but not the more closely church affiliated Duke Divinity School, which has its own chapel since the main chapel opened to same sex unions.

The labyrinth famously figures in the ancient mythology of Crete as a subterranean maze in which roamed the half bull, half human Minotaur. Presumably there is no Minotaur at Duke. Instead, as the Duke website explains: "Participants follow a single winding path inward to the center of the labyrinth. Pausing for meditation and prayer in the center of the labyrinth, visitors then follow the same circuitous path outward. The serpentine path and communal practice can be understood as a metaphor for life's journey."

Here's the chapel's further explanation:

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