Sunday, March 02, 2014


By Roger Salter
Special to Virtueonline
March 1, 2014

In his divinely inspired book, the Bible, our Creator and Redeemer weds the features of the created world to the facts of the spiritual realm in order to convey the message of his wondrous salvation to our understanding. Gospel symbolism is derived from phenomena that we are capable of perceiving via our senses. Figurative and symbolic language are woven all the way through the content of Holy Scripture. Our conceptual grasp of truth is enlivened and enhanced through the arousal of imagination and stimulation of feeling. Picture language, sensory awareness through vivid illustrations, arrest our attention to the speech of God in his self and salvific revelation. He both teaches and charms us, alluring us to union with himself through the Son he has sent for our rescue and eternal wellbeing.

Old Testament and New are replete with poetic description of God and his works. The historical core and development within the narrative of the Word are embellished with imagery. The facts and essential events are decidedly true. There is literal and historical reliability and accuracy in terms of earthly happenings and occurrences, and attendant spiritual realities are relayed to our minds through analogy and captivating pictorial presentation. The Lord is both Author and Artist in the gracious gift of his truth. He marries beauty to the benefits of his Word. It is a matter of illumination through information and enchantment.

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