Friday, April 11, 2014

A Season of Intolerance

Dear Friends of the Anglican Realignment,

Over the last few months there have been several weeks when I didn't post an article due to travel schedules, and some of you have written asking what happened to them. I apologize to those who came looking for an article and didn't find it. As we have reduced my office hours so that my wife and I can travel around the country more, there will be times when, due to lack of internet availability or other reasons, I'm not able to post.

I know that this winter has been brutal for many of my readers, those in the far North having had a very cold and snowy time, and even here in southern Atlanta, the ice and snow together with exceptional cold has made all of us ready for spring. The Bradford pear trees with their beautiful white blossoms have come and gone, and now the dogwood and azaleas are in full bloom. With days often in the 70's and flowers blooming, one is apt to put winter in the background and conclude that life is good, and indeed many aspects of it, especially spring, are good indeed. Some aspects of life are more worrisome, and I will comment on just one of them this week.

You have been reading about the sudden resignation/firing of the head of Mozilla just days after being named the CEO. Brendan Eich became the latest casualty in the pro-gay war against nonsupporters of the homosexual agenda. Eich was shoved out because he opposes same-sex marriage and apparently refused to recant his views and have "666" stamped on his forehead. If you have followed my articles over the years, you know that I have commented on the shift of the homosexual agenda's tactics from asking for tolerance and acceptance of their behavior, to promotion of the behavior and activity as normal, to pushing Gay Pride Day parades and curriculum in schools, to lawsuits, boycotts and firings directed against those who won't jump on their bandwagon. Now they are the intolerant ones, and defend their intolerance because they are only intolerant of those who supposedly are hateful and not pro-gay...Read more of Bishop Anderson's letter.

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