Saturday, April 26, 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury: Sometimes I think: 'This is impossible' - Part 1

In an exclusive interview, the Archbishop of Canterbury talks frankly about the challenges he faces after his first year in the role

By Cole Moreton
April 20, 2014

'I am not the Pope,” says Justin Welby, not once but several times as we talk. It has become a catchphrase, after a year as Archbishop of Canterbury.

“People have this illusion that you can somehow click your fingers and all kinds of extraordinary things happen around the world. They think you can hire and fire, and all the rest of it, which is almost universally untrue.”

Can the leader of such an argumentative bunch of believers not bang a few heads together? “You can convene heads together,” he says with a wry smile. “What you quite quickly learn is that you have no authority but quite a lot of influence. You can bring people together and help to make things happen. That’s one of the most wonderful parts of the job.”

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