Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Archbishop Welby links Gay marriage with Christian African killings by Muslim Extremists
Liberal Episcopalians condemn Welby and spin his remarks


By David W. Virtue
April 8, 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury said that Christians are being killed in Africa as a consequence of liberal attitudes towards homosexuality in the United States and Britain.

That’s bad enough. Then the Guardian reported that Welby had had private discussions with his predecessor, Dr. Rowan Williams, who “anguished” about it. Really.

Then why didn’t he speak up when he was ABC? Why did he go off endlessly about homophobia in England and Africa, but never publicly opined about the mass killings of African Christians, some of them undoubtedly Anglicans? Because sodomites like Jeffrey John and Gene Robinson whined about their need for acceptance of a behavior so dangerous that it has killed hundreds of thousands of homosexuals in the USA, UK and other nations with AIDS. Was he too busy pushing The Body’s Grace, a paean to homosexual acceptance, to see the damage he was doing?

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