Friday, April 25, 2014

Church Army Africa aims to bring healing, hope to communities

By Bellah Zulu
Anglican Communion News Service
April 24, 2014

Church Army Africa, a community of evangelists in Africa, has embarked on an ambitious program to “positively transform society” by setting up 1,500 Anglican churches by 2015.

The organization’s general secretary, the Rev. Capt. Richard Mayabi, told ACNS that they plan to achieve the goal through a program called Heal Africa. Said to be holistic it ensures each church offers “healing through health care education, access to justice and leveraging wealth creation.”
“HEAL – which stands for Health, Education, Access to Justice and Leveraging wealth creation – was launched with a view to re-branding and empowering Church Army both at the training level and grassroots level to re-engineer the church to become a beacon of hope for the African people,” said Mayabi.

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