Monday, April 07, 2014


By Roger Salter
Special to Virtueonline
March 6, 2014

The consummate experience in human life is union with Christ. It is through the God-man that mankind attains the joy of of being joined to the Divine, and it is through association with the Ideal Man that defective human nature becomes pure and recovers its rectitude. The Son of God and Son of Man is our only hope for the reversal of our Fall and for our assured welfare in the future. God the Father sent him to us, God the Son fulfilled our failed obedience on our behalf and cancelled the consequences of our vagrancy from God and breach in fellowship, and God the Holy Spirit performs the renovation of our spirits that renders us compatible with our Maker, now our beloved Redeemer.

The salvaging of our race is entirely the work of the Sovereign Deity through his “unmotivated” and gracious determination. We are dependent upon an awesome monergism. Our harmonious relationship with God is enabled through an interior act of divine re-creation as uncaused by human participation, and as powerful as the creation of Nature and the variety of phenomena found within it. The Word of God expresses the truth simply: salvation is of the Lord.

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